Accounts Payable employee automation report


Go 100% paperless and eliminate repetitive tasks so your team can get back to doing what they love about their job.
RapidInvoice completely removes paper invoice and handling—saving your company on processing costs and building a better workplace.
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Digital Mailroom
A virtual hub where invoices are processed right away, regardless of how they arrive.
Digital Capture
Software that sorts documents quickly and accurately captures data down to the smallest details.
Intelligent Separation & Classification
Document management enabled by AI that accurately separates and categorizes your invoices.
Turn the page on paper.
Maximize your team’s productivity by letting our technology and expertise do the busywork.
Save all day
Reducing the time it takes to process invoices, automation brings labor costs down and moves your AP in a money-saving direction.
Get mail in one place
Receive and organize all of your organization’s mail in one single, secure storage platform for easy retrieval of information and data.
Earn time back
Cut your team’s invoice processing lifecycle down from an average 12 days to 1 day and everyone’s workload by 50%.
See results fast
Our solutions are designed for quick implementation, getting you up and running in just days with minimal disruption to workflow.
Stay protected
Rest assured we protect customer data and personal information in strict compliance with HIPAA and SOC guidelines.
Eliminate Errors
People make mistakes, especially when doing repetitive tasks. Improve accuracy from human errors with intelligent automation.
Maximize growth
Help your AP team focus on more value added activities to grow your business.


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